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Tiny Toon Adventures has recently taken over The Angry Beavers time slot on Nicktoons TV, while we understand the change will only be temporary, we must get Tiny Toon Advenutures off for the following reasons.

1. Duh, Angry Beavers Rules and TTA Stinks!
2. Angry Beavers is more popular than Tiny Toon Adventures, which will lower Nicktoons TV's ratings.
3. Angry Beavers is owned by Nickelodeon, but TTA is owned by Steven Speilpburg, so Nick will have to Speilburg money to air the show, so Angry Bevaers=Saved Money.
4. Young children who watch the network do not like sudden change, it will make them upset and they will stop watching.
5. Once again for young children, Tiny Toon Adventures is Rated TVY7 because of slightly innaproriate content, Angry Beavers is rated TVY and is approriate for children of all ages.

These are all the factors that should get Angry Beavers it's time slot back, DOWN WITH TINY TOONS!

We, the undersigned, would like to see that the Angry Beavers gets it's original 4-5PM timeslot on Nicktoons TV back and that Nicktoons TV takes TTA off the air!

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