ABC Sports and the Bowl Chamionship Series
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NCAA division 1-a football is the only sport in the country without an established playoff system. For years, crowning a National Champion came after all the bowls were played and the final AP rankings came out. A few years ago, the Bowl Championship Series was implemented so that the top two teams in the country would play each other in a true championship game. And as novel of an idea as this once sounded, it hasn't quite lived up to its purpose.

How does a team get beat 35 to 7 in a conference title game and go to the national title game. I can't understand how a team that isn't even the best in their conference can be granted the right to be named the best in the country. Were is the rule that was supposed to prevent that from happening again after Nebraska flew out to Pasadena just to hand Miami the national title as a late Christmas gift? The fact remains that the BCS doesn't work, PERIOD! And now a deserving team has to "settle" for a lesser prize. Now, by no means is The Rose bowl a "lesser" bowl. But if Usc goes on to win the game, they don't get to raise The National Championship Trophy. I propose we, the disgruntled fans, show the BCS that we are angry with this system, and boycott the Sugar Bowl. BCS officials need to that this system is not fair to the schools, the players, or the fans. We don't want a computer telling us who the best team in the country is. Please sign this and direct others to do the same.

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