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I turned on the TV and saw a strange commercial...it was for this new show on Nick, the Butt Ugly Martians. Once I watched it once, I knew I must save Zim against this other alien show. Nick has only had one alien show, and let there only BE one alien show!
-Invader Zea

All the big Invader Zim, or IZ, fans know that there's a new alien show called Butt Ugly Martians, or better know to us Zim fans as the BUMs. Now, some may not think the same, but I think that they stole Jhonen's idea and just took over Nick and Zim with a new alien show and better graphics! Now, if you agree, and if you want to save Zim from this MADNESS, then please sign.
-Invader Zea

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The Don't Let BUM Invade Over Zim!!! petition to Nickelodeon was written by Invader Zea and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.