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On the 8th September 2011, it was revealed that the English government wanted to force all UK Christian churches to accept gay unions.

After reading these call to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in regards of the idea to make Christian Churches comply with "same sex unions" or face a ban on marriages.

This idea seriously resembles one of a Communist or Fascist. This idea is a huge attack on religious liberty. It's like they're saying that churches are not allowed to disagree with homosexuality or have a stance against it, or otherwise face legal consequences. All in the name of "equality". It's like they're removing their right to disagree. In politics, if a government forcefully removes the right of an institution or an individual to disagree with the state, then that automatically meets the definition of Authoritarianism.

In the United States, even where same-sex marriage is legal, religious institutions have legal protection against having to recognize or perform it. However what they are proposing is that the government should basically trample on the rights of Christian churches and force them to accept civil unions or face legal penalties for refusing to do so. That is not "liberalism" or there so called idea of "equality", it's merely using legal force to keep people in line to your ideas (authoritarianism).

In the USSR there was plenty of "equality", likewise there is in China, North Korea, Vietnam, etc. All of these states had policies which persecuted and suppressed Christians for the sake of "equality", again identical to what you are doing.

We believe that Christians should have liberty too; especially liberty to reject civil unions and gay marriage even if the state itself prohibits it. Why? Because Christians have beliefs and values just like Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs and just because they are often from this country or "white" does not make it any less of a religion than to face persecution by the state itself.

The two lads setting up this petition are both from a Christian and our church and our beliefs are no business of the state whatsoever, the governments ideas are infringing upon our individual rights and millions of other devout Christians in the United Kingdom. They wouldn't force Muslims or Jews to accept civil unions now would they?

Our Church does not accept civil unions or gay marriage and won't if the state tries to force it upon them. If homosexuals have a problem with our beliefs in this modern society, then they have the liberty not to be involved with us or worship with us, but likewise we also should have the respective liberty to disagree with today's modern obsession with homosexuality.

Please sign this petition and stop this government trying to crush and trample on Christianity

Thank You!

We, the understated, call on the British Government to scrap all ideas of making it a rule that Christian Churches must accept Gay Unions or face losing the ability to hold wedding ceremonies.

This petition is against the government proposal to force ALL Christian churches to accept 'Gay Unions'. Please sign this petition and stop this government trying to crush and trample on Christianity.

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