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Justin Bieber has done many good things here in America. He has supported multiple Charities and foundations which include but are not limited to Alzheimer’s Association, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, City of Hope, Cure Duchenne, Food Bank For New York City, Give Back Hollywood Foundation, Grammy Foundation, It Gets Better Project, Jumpstart, KaBoom, Musicians on Call, Pencils of Promise, Red Cross, Usher’s New Look Foundation.

You can find more information on this at www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/justin-bieber Justin Bieber may not be perfect, but who is? He worth having in America.

Justin Bieber is a good individual who deserves a second chance. Justin Bieber took time on Valentines day to visit a 6 year old child with a rare form of cancer. He flew her and her family to New York and spent two hours with them. You can read more about this at www.digitaljournal.com/article/319702

Justin often visits children from the make a wish foundation, where they help children with terminal illnesses. He visited a school that supports homeless children in Las Vegas and donated $100,000 to them for school supplies and food. He also donated an additional $100,000 for toys for the kids not only did he donate to the school but he performed an acoustic of “Under the Mistletoe”.

You can read about this and so much more on www.march1st.tumblr.com. He has done so much to help people not only here in America, but also in other countries too. He is an great asset to the United States of America.

If I were to write about all of the inspiration, and love and compassion he has shown towards his fans then this request would be endless. He has been a blessing to many people lives and his music has touch many many lives for the good.

I believe he deserves a second chance.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Of America, that all action taking place to deport Justin Bieber be terminated immediately.

We firmly support the good that Justin has done and believe that he is an asset the country. We believe that Justin Bieber deserves the opportunity to live here despite of his recent actions, because none of us are perfect.

The good things that Justin has done for his fans and the country shows that he is a good guy who just made a few bad choices. He has been a blessing to many of our lives let’s step up and be a blessing to him.

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