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minimum 100,000
United Kingdom

Lauri Love is a young man with Aspergers Syndrome. Idiot American admin folk want to deport him to face 'hacking' charges in the USA where if convicted he could face 99 years (max sentence for same offense here 20 months!)

The information he gleaned was already hacked on multiple occasions by other computer hackers and there nothing he accessed could be considered Top Secret. The U.S. legal folk are simply embarrassed and want to make a point.

Shame on the judge at Westminster Magistrates for agreeing the extradition. Now we the public should make a noise and let our government who we elect and who work for us know that we do not approve of our children being sent to third world countries to be tried in courts already proven to be as corrupt as any in the World.

We do not want our children sent to spend time in US prisons where it is almost certain they will be raped and sexually assaulted (nobdy in America would deny the stats which suggest over 70% of young men incarserated are sexually assaulted).

Please sign this petition and demand the young man be dealt with here. Extradition laws need reviewing. They are being expanded so that the rules covers almost anything including relatively trivial offenses.. PLEASE SIGN ...........

We want a senior judge / panel to review the decision to extradite Lauri Love to the USA. We do not accept his charges are sufficiently serious to warrant his extradition and furthermore we would argue his mental condition should make him exempt from such proceedings which he is unlikely to understand.

We do not accept he would be safe in America where the court system in institutionally corrupt. Nor do we feel he would survive a lengthy prison sentence in a country where in prison over 80% of young men are sexually assaulted or raped.

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