#Social Media

Facebook has a feature that will share items you have "liked" or show comments you have made on pages with your friends. If you comment or "like" something it will display on someone's Timeline so they can see it, without you knowing what is being shared.

This causes controversy and arguing. Someone finding something you said is one thing. This is the Internet after all, nothing is private. But this hands the info to someone that may never go looking for it in the first place. This has caused loss of actual friendships and family disputes.

On the other side this is an annoying feature that clogs up Timelines. Instead of seeing items our friends are willingly posting, we are getting to see embarrassing comments they leave on celebrity pages, political arguments on news pages and even random comments on people we don't even know's photos!

Please stop automatically and randomly sharing our comments and likes!!

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook to stop automatically sharing our comments and likes on social media posts to our friends' Timelines.

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