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Blizzard stated in a recent interview that Diablo 3 will require a constant internet connection to play. There isn't any way to play offline. This hurts those without an internet connection, those with slower, unreliable connections, and those that live in rural areas and have dial up as the only means of internet connectivity.

However, Blizzard has been known to listen to its fans/customers in the past, and it is this reason that we bring this petition, not to bully or demand, but to persuade and bring to light the number of those the feel strongly about the exclusion of an offline single player mode.

We, the undersigned, request that an offline single player mode be integrated in to Diablo 3. In doing this we accept such an offline model as the one you currently designed in Starcraft 2, where a connection is required every 30 days for verification purposes.

We also understand that the offline characters will in no way be able to associate with the Diablo 3 online counterparts such as the auction house, item trading, achievements, and it would be solely a single player experience.

We the fans have waited eagerly over a decade for the continuation of one of our favorite, most beloved gaming franchises. When it is finished, we want it to be complete, the exclusion of one of the most important modes does not aid in its completion.

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