Petition Tag - offline

1. Deus Ex:Human Revolution Co-Op Game

There just isn't enough Cooperative games out in the gaming world (good ones, mind you) and some that are, they are online multiplayer only. Some of us don't have the choice of playing online (it costs money, of course) so having offline co-op as a choice would be magnificent.

Starting with Deus Ex: Human Revolution with its own Offline/Online Co-Op game. With the choice of characters between Adam Jensen, David Sarif, and other characters.

2. Diablo 3 Offline Single Player Petition

Blizzard stated in a recent interview that Diablo 3 will require a constant internet connection to play. There isn't any way to play offline. This hurts those without an internet connection, those with slower, unreliable connections, and those that live in rural areas and have dial up as the only means of internet connectivity.

However, Blizzard has been known to listen to its fans/customers in the past, and it is this reason that we bring this petition, not to bully or demand, but to persuade and bring to light the number of those the feel strongly about the exclusion of an offline single player mode.