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I've created this petition to try to get Microsoft to create a patch to allow older (Windows 95/98) programs workable.

As almost all computer owners are aware, there are many games, as well as other applications, that were made before Windows XP was released, and will not work with Windows XP.

Countless dollars have gone into buying computer games, with the idea that you will always have the game to play. As time went on, Windows 95 turned to 98, and that evolved into ME. My first computer was a Windows 95, which I upgraded to 98, and all of my games worked. I soon bought a new computer with Windows ME on it, and many of my games still worked just fine. Then came Windows XP.

Upgrading to XP is pretty unavoidable, as all new programs are mainly manufactured for XP use. With upgrading to XP, you are losing the ability to play older computer games. I presonally have over 150 games that I am unable to play now. I probably spent an average of $10-$20 each on them, so that is alot of now wasted money.

I am now hesitant to buy any games for my new computer because they may not work in the next version of Windows.

Please, sign this petition to help me in my struggle to get Microsoft to develop a way to play older games on the computer.

Thank you for your time, and your support.

The undersigned parties would like to address the issue of games made for the Windows 95/98 operating systems not working for Windows XP.

We are asking that Microsoft develops a patch to make these games playable on the XP operating system. Individual games sometimes have updates that allow this to be done, so it should be possible to make a patch for XP to allow these games to work.

Countless dollars are put into computer games every year. After falling in love with a game, a person will play that game for years to come. Now, it is impossible to play some games because they are not compatible with XP, and the developer cannot release a patch because they may no longer exist. The money spent by gamers is now wasted because they cannot play the games they had bought.

We are also asking that in the future, this patch be included in all Microsoft operating systems to include all previous operating systems.

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