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Waverley Area Residents, Businesses and Visitors to Bondi Beach


Despite operating successfully as a two-way commercial street and natural thoroughfare for residents and businesses for more than 100 years, Waverley Council is about to make Hall Street one-way.

Capital works will begin from the end of August to close one lane of traffic from Gould Street to O’Brien Street, forcing thousands of vehicles – large and small – per hour onto small, surrounding streets.

The so-called “trial” is set to last for six months from 1 October 2022 until 1 April 2023. During this time you will ONLY be able to travel west along Hall Street. This means all traffic coming into Bondi off Old South Head Road, will have to peel off at Glenayr Avenue, Lamrock Avenue or elsewhere to find alternate routes to Hall Street and the Beach.

Despite this huge shift in traffic flow, Waverley Council REFUSES to conduct traffic counts on any surrounding streets, so the full impact of these changes (and other road closures) can be properly assessed.

The closure will make our local streets UNSAFE!

There is also no mention of the bike path that exists in Lamrock Street, which will now carry a huge volume of cars and LARGE delivery vehicles, pedestrian traffic and cyclists!

Local residents, who have supported the Hall Street shops for decades, will have greater difficulty parking and doing their shopping.

You will NOT be able to access The Hub carpark (Adina/Harris Farm carparking) from O’Brien Street or Glenyar Avenue. This will force thousands of cars and delivery trucks onto local streets.

NO resident group was consulted.

Waverley Council says the CLOSURE is a trial but it will take 8 weeks to make the changes to Hall Street. An estimated $500,000 will be spent on the closure including footpath widening, street lighting and other capital works, which signals permanent change.

The money needs to be spent on Bondi’s streets, which require urgent capital repair works to make them safe for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.


Make your voice heard by signing our online petition …….. and telling us how the changes impact you ……. We will collate all your comments and make sure they reach Waverley Councillors.


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