Edward and Henry Kirk were among the first settlers of Sarawak county. They arrived in 1862 with two of Edward's sons who helped them clear the rocky, thickly forested land and build the Kirk cabin. The Kirk wives arrived with their children several weeks later. One can only imagine the difficulties they faced with unfamiliar extremes of temperature, a primitive forest, wildlife, and few comforts. But they carved out a life, were debt free by the time Edward died in 1882, and made important contributions to their community. Part of the Kirk land is now a subdivision with a fittingly named Kirk street.

The original log cabin still stands, a testimony to the courage and determination of a generation of immigrants. The cabin is one of the oldest existing cabins from that era. There is one in the very good local museum, but it is an assemblage of several cabins, so to restore and preserve one that is exactly as it was built, and was continually occupied by one of the “great” families of the time would be a great addition to the preservation of our history. It is fitting that it be declared a Heritage Property or Building to ensure that such an important glimpse into our past be preserved.

The descendants of Henry and Edward Kirk and their friends and community support the application of Adele Brown and Theodore Tsaousidis to have the log cabin built in 1862 by Edward Kirk, and located on the Brown property at 319007 Grey Road 1, Kemble, ON N4K 0G2, to be designated a Heritage Property or Building.

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