#Law Reform
The State of New Mexico
United States of America

In deregulated markets like Texas and New York, customers have the right to choose their utility provider.
In New Mexico we do not have that right.

The right was voted on in 1997 and was set to go into effect in 2002 but before it was enacted it was repealed so that we could not take advantage of the law change. Now the local utility wants to raise our rates here in New Mexico. We have no recourse as citizens of the Great State of New Mexico.

Much like the telephone industry deregulation, we now have the right to choose who will provide our telephone service. We as citizens of New Mexico should have that same right when it comes to our utility providers. The incumbent provider should still handle all the billing, customer service and delivery just like they always have.

The only thing that should change is the charge for the energy supply. Knowledge is power only if you put it into action. Deregulation is happening all over the country. Customers are waking up to the idea they can switch their utility provider and save money! There is no time like the present to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! We should have the right to choose who provides our utility service.

We should have the right to choose for ourselves and not the State of New Mexico.

We, the undersigned, call on The Great State of New Mexico to enact legislation to deregulate the electricity and gas industry in the State of New Mexico giving the citizens the right to choose there own utility providers.

We would like to see this legislation enacted immediately. We should have the right to choose who we want to provide our utility service.

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