Democratic National Committee

We are a group of Democratic voters who are calling for the rejection of Barak Obama as the 2012 Democratic Party nominee for president of the United States.

We, the undersigned Democratic voters, do hereby request that the Democratic National Committee reject the candidacy of Barak Obama for the 2012 presidential election.

Mr. Obama has not shown that he upholds the ideals of the Democratic Party and has not kept numerous promises made during the 2008 election.

The following are actions and positions taken by Mr. Obama that should disqualify him from being the Democratic Party candidate:

• The Obama Justice Department has refused to prosecute those involved in the torture of prisoners that occurred during the Bush administration;

• The Obama Justice Department has refused to prosecute high level financial crimes by Wall Street;

• Despite pronouncements to the contrary, the Obama Justice Department is relentlessly waging an unjust and counterproductive drug war;

• Mr. Obama has allowed tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans while cutting services and assistance for the poor;

• Mr. Obama has continued to pursue an endless policy of pouring more troops into Afghanistan that has shown little results for continued American dead and wounded;

• Mr. Obama has remained silent while the Republican Party wages war against unions.

These actions and more should disqualify Barak Obama as the Democratic Party’s 2012 candidate for president and we urge the Democratic National Committee to reject Barak Obama’s candidacy and call for other persons to run for president under the auspices of the Democratic Party.

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