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For the last four years Residents Against Station Closure have been campaigning against the closure the pedestrian bridge that connects the Tram, Park Hill/Norfolk Park and surrounding areas with the bus station and city centre businesses and amenities.

The closure is opposed by all the local MPs and the City Councillors from Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Parties and a great number of local organizations and institutions. Unfortunately the Secretary of State for Transport recently wrote to Nick Clegg MP saying he was "keen to ensure that they [gates] are installed at Sheffield station."

Residents against Station Closure are now campaigning for the bridge, that was built with public money, to become a public right of way.

For more information visit http://rasc-sheffield.com/index.html or join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Keep-Sheffield-Station-open-to-the-public/199027390151876

We the undersigned call on the Secretary of State for Transport, to ensure that the footbridge at Sheffield station remains fully open to the public.

This entails a commitment not to close the route by the imposition of manual or automatic barriers during the life time of the current Franchise Agreement.

We also call on him to ensure that the next Franchise for the London to Sheffield route, due to be awarded in 2015, will not require the Operator to carry out any activity, in a way which closes the footbridge to the public.

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