Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

For far too long airlines have been able to get away with discriminatingly charging extortionate pricing to some customers when they are at a pivotal point of travel. Luggage purchasing on all domestic airlines has no clear formula with carry on weight clearly outweighing checked in luggage. The difference between purchasing luggage online, at the counter and being penalized at the gate varies dramatically per kilo. At no point at the airport do they show the costs involved in penalties of purchasing luggage at the airport nor the extreme variation in price between the various options.. The checking of luggage weights is discriminating and random a best, with airlines only choosing to enforce when it suits them to penilise customers of their choice.

We the signed believe that the airlines are taking advantage of the excess luggage policy. There is no consistency with the luggage weight policies and the fees being charged are extortional in comparison to the actual cost the airline bares for the excess weight being boarded. We demand that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission direct the Airlines to structure their excess luggage fees inline with their actual costs rather than the excessive margins they currently penalise customers, over and above their normal luggage fees.

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The Demand that the ACCC stops airlines from discriminatingly price gouging customers with excess luggage over and above the cost to actually carry petition to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was written by Michael Kerr and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.