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1. Demand New Laws and Regulations For "posted" an "Trespassing" signs.

As a PA fishing license holder we spend a lot of time, money, and energy to be able to fish. Sometimes driving 2-4 hours to get to a stream or river that is stocked to only be told we can't fish because of a land owner. We pay Pennsylvania to be able to fish Pennsylvania waters and should be entitled to unless otherwise posted by the fish or game commission. We pay tax on all of our gear, tackle, bait, and licenses and should be allowed to fish the waters that we pay to fish.

2. Do Not Move Shila Rivers from Childtime on Blvd

1 year ago our family experienced some of the worst child care at another CHILDTIME facility. With the help of the director we were able to move our child to the Boulevard location. This facility runs the way working parents need without worrying about the care an treatment of your child while at work.

Our Child has grown so much emotionally. He loves attending each day. He is learning, playing, repeating colors and numbers. The Boulevard location i&s ran like a family. There is no disruption in my workday as well as our home life.

3. Change the Florida State Bird to the Anhinga

The American Anhinga should replace the Northern Mockingbird as the official State Bird of Florida.

The American Anhinga is a water bird that lives only in warmer climates such as Florida, and as a bird that is both graceful in the air and in the water it would be a better symbol to our state than the common Northern Mockingbird which several other states claim as theirs.

4. Stand Up to Protect our Top End Rivers

Since 2012, several large ten year water licences exceeding 5GL have been issued by the Northern Territory Government from the aquifers which feed the Daly, Katherine and Roper rivers.

These aquifers are now over-allocated beyond the agreed caps on extraction which were in place under draft water allocation plans for the Oolloo and Tindall (Mataranka) aquifers. This does not include a specific reserve of water for use by Indigenous communities for economic development purposes, or water use by pastoral, mining or petroleum companies.

Over-extraction will decrease dry season flows, threatening key species and their habitats as well as fisheries, bush food sources and important cultural sites.

Water allocation plans informed by the best available science, knowledge and community consultation must be in place prior to the issuing of any long term water licences. Environment NT needs your help to protect our Top End rivers from over-extraction.

5. A Call to Every Canadian: Petition Against Bill C-45

December 5, 2012,

The Harper Government passed bill C-45.

2.5 MILLION protected Canadian lakes and rivers, were instantly, reduced to just 82.

Only 62 rivers and 93 lakes are now protected by Federal law.

A law created over 130 years ago, by our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.

6. Stop Water Pollution Now !

Dhaka is one of the most polluted cities in the world - one of the worst form - Water Pollution! The government must take necessary actions immediately to minimize pollution and develop a greener environment! Please support us in this endeavor!

1. 10% of garments factories with international contracts do not have waste treatment plants - which means they should lose their contracts as all international clothing chains require these.

2. More than 50% of factories which actually have waste treatment plants only use them during inspections, as they are very expensive to run.

3. International chains have policies whereby they announce inspections to the factories beforehand - these factories take full advantage of these policies to make sure they get away with fake standards.

4. Local workers for international chains take bribes to help make inspections easier.


* 8,000 grabbers identified so far
* 1,000 acre land grabbed
* 60 percent pollution caused by industries
* 82 percent human excreta from city directly discharged in rivers
* Rivers almost biologically dead

7. Cashes Rivers Raleigh Show

To convince Cashes Rivers to play a show in Raleigh, NC

8. Rivers not Drains for Coalmines

Mammy Johnsons River is the major contributor to the Karuah River & Port Stephens. It also contributes to the water supply to the towns of Stroud & Stroud Road via the Karuah River. The lower reaches of the Karuah River have been made a Habitat Protection Zone for the Port Stephens Marine Park.

The Duralie open cut coal mine is in the Karuah Catchment and the Gloucester Basin NSW. The mining company have applied to vary their Environmental Protection Licence to allow them to dump 500 million litres of dirty mine waste water into Mammy Johnsons River over a two year period as a "trial".

The original conditions of consent state:
"There shall be no direct discharge of dirty water from the mine to Mammy Johnsons River".


My name is Mammy Johnsons River, my friends are air & land. I am one of the cleanest most unpolluted rivers on the east coast of Australia and would like to remain this way. I have been here since the beginning of creation. I have many species dwelling in and around me, which I am proud of these include platypus, bass, crayfish, mussels etc.

I am the major contributor into the Karuah River and out into port Stephens so by polluting me, you also pollute these other waterways as well. Please help keep us alive and don't let a dirty, polluting coal mine kill me, and my friends. I cannot defend myself.
I NEED YOUR HELP.............

Yours Sincerely
Mammy Johnsons River

P.S. Please sign this petition and pass it on to eveyone you know............

9. Stop Polluting The Earth-Rivers, Lakes, Streets

July 11, 2006

We treat the environment like a joke.

I have seen so many rivers/lakes in the past full of rubbish and dangerous objects such as beer bottles, cans, plastic bags and plastic. But you can help!

Think about it:
National Tree Day
Cleanup Australia Day
Or just simply helping the environment by easily picking up rubbish you see and putting it securely into the rubbish bin! It's not hard at all.

Rivers And Lakes:
Have you ever noticed the scummy dirty look on rivers? Many causes of pollution including sewage and fertilizers containing nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates.In excess levels, nutrients over stimulate the growth of aquatic plants and algae.

Excessive growth of these types of organisms consequently clogs our waterways, use up dissolved oxygen as they decompose, and block light to deeper waters.

The pollution of rivers and streams with chemical contaminants has become one of the most crutial environmental problems within the 20th century. Waterborne chemical pollution entering rivers and streams cause tramendous amounts of destruction.

Pathogens are another type of pollution that prove very harmful. They can cause many illnesses that range from typhoid and dysentery to minor respiratory and skin diseases

Three last forms of water pollution exist in the forms of petroleum, radioactive substances, and heat. Petroleum often pollutes waterbodies in the form of oil, resulting from oil spills.

SAY "NO" TO PLASTIC BAGS!!!They are very dangerous to birds and other native wildlife.Birds use littered plastic bags for their nests and end up getting caught/tangled in it and experience a horrible suffocation!

Use the green environmentally friendly bags!!!Put an End to Plastic Bags - it's in your hands. It's simple and inexpensive to make the change.

Please sign my petition!

All comments/signatures will be greatly appreciated.

10. Alcohol on non powered canoes

In pennsylvania, and probably many other states, we have a very fun hobby. We go on canoe trips. The rivers we usually float on are very slow rivers(about 3mph) such as the Allegheny river, Juniata river and many other slow rivers. The law says that a canoe is a "boat" just like any other boat that has a motor. They say that they can arrest a person for D.U.I. and take away his drivers license if he is found to be over .10% blood alcohol level in a non powered canoe.
This has been a hobby of mine for many years... It is very fun to float a slow river and drink some beer and camp at night. You can not hurt anyone in a non powered canoe and i believe that it should not be treated the same as a boat with a motor.