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Today, the City of Virginia Beach Taxpayers are in severe risk of having elected officials approve another development in the “Transition Area” that will UNNECESSARILY INCREASE the CITY’S FINANCIAL BURDEN AND TAXPAYER COSTS!

Another new development at the edge of our precious agricultural and historically rich Pungo will require capital improvements and upgraded infrastructure. Another new development will have environmental and ecological implications to an already overtaxed and suffering Back Bay watershed and estuary. Another new development will negligently compound storm drain flooding issues that are negatively impacting surrounding communities already. Another development will jeopardize an iconic and a historically rural “feel” of Pungo.

The overburdening of our southern watershed and subsequent flooding makes it clear that our current storm management solutions are unacceptable.
Permanent damage to taxpayer’s homes and farming livelihoods is unacceptable!
Tax dollars paying for roads and infrastructure “fixes” after developers leave is irresponsible!
Developer’s blatant disregard for planning expectations in this region of the city is shameful!

Citizens of Virginia Beach shouldn’t bear the financial risks of elected officials making “tradeoffs” with developers that don’t align with City’s Comprehensive or Transition Area plans and benefit a developer’ s wallet only.

It’s time for accountability!
Our elected officials have a means to fix mistakes of the past and make a sustainable resiliency plan for our city’s future!

Our elected have spent millions of taxpayer’s dollars on pending reports that will outline viable solutions for our City’s existing challenges.

We must insist that our City officials STOP the approval of rezoning in the transition area, wait for the engineering and climate data reports, adhere to our City’s plan and resist making concessions, and execute informative and proven solutions.

PLEASE Join us in insisting that Virginia Beach City Council and City Planning halt approval of any and all rezoning requests for the development of “HARVEST FARMS” at the scheduled meeting October 10, 2018!

Resiliency plans and resolutions the city has allocated money to can and must be implemented and prove to mitigate current problems first.

Our property values, our quality of life, our rural, cultural, and environmental resources, and our integrity as a community is on the line!

Please sign and help us fight for our city's future!

We, the undersigned, object and oppose the development of the proposed agri-hood described by the developer as “Harvest Farms” or any such housing and commercially zoned developments to be located at 1848 Princess Anne Road GPIN 2413-14-2116, 1833 Princess Anne Road GPIN 2403-93-7330, and a parcel located south of Cayman Lane GPIN 2413-15-4058, commonly known as Back Bay Farms and old Pungo airfield. Pungo Properties, LLC and owners Back Bay Farms, LLC and Pungo Airfield, LLC, propose this development.

We request the Virginia Beach Planning Commission and Virginia Beach City Council deny the applicant’s request: Conditional Rezoning from Agricultural 1 &2 to Conditional PD-H2 with an R-20 overlay and B-2 Community Business District.

Election District: Princess Anne
Site Size: 122.4
AICUZ: Less than 65dB DNL and 65-70 dB DNL; Sub-area2

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