#Human Rights
Maryland State Government; United States Government
United States of America

This petition's goal is to show the voice of the people of the state of Maryland. By today's common knowledge, there is outstanding proof that Marijuana has been for many years misunderstood and people were uneducated and forced into believing that it was extremely harmful.

Most of these forced ideas were backed by our government. Which has made people believe even to this day that marijuana not just harms but even kills. Yet there are 0 documented deaths caused by the plant. By common knowledge half a million U.S. citizens die from Tobacco, no record of a death or even proof of the cause of cancer from marijuana. 71 people are killed each day in alcohol related accidents in the U.S. compared to the 0 from marijuana. I long for a safer place for me, my family, my friends, and even my children and their children and so on.

With the Decriminalization of Marijuana in the state of Maryland we could do our part to cut down on the mass amounts of deaths each year from alcohol and tobacco, save and put mass amounts of money spent on the "War on Drugs" to good use such as schooling, health care, etc. and save the mass amounts of people who don't deserve to be in jail the right they are being declined to live a normal life, see their husbands, wives, children and other family, and allow them to be FREE.

Do your part, make our state a safer and better place to live in.

We, the undersigned, call on The State of Maryland to decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana. We believe it is our right as free U.S. citizens to have the choice weather to or not use and/or posses marijuana, we also believe with the decriminalization of the use and/or possession of marijuana that our state will be safer, save money, and help its citizens in further ways.

By this We, call that the State of Maryland stop denying the rights we so soundly deserve and decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana.

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