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By his own account, Christopher Columbus was responsible for the deaths of 8 million peaceful Taino people as well as cutting off their various body parts if they didn't bring him gold, raping Taino women and selling children as young as 9 or 10 as sex slaves. So why do we teach our children that this genocidal monster was a hero and that he discovered America when in fact he did not? Even his home countries of Italy and Spain have "disowned" him. Do we dare justify and honor his self-admitted monstrosity that caused so much pain for so many millions and that ushered in the age of colonization, oppression, genocide and slavery?

We must insist that our government de-federalize Columbus Day as a national holiday and replace it with a holiday honoring Native Americans as well as a holiday called "Forgiveness Day." The latter would encourage us to ask for forgiveness to all the peoples we've harmed including Native Americans and African American slaves. It could also be a day where we strive to forgive those in our lives against whom we harbor resentment.

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