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Over the last six years this nation has had to suffer the wrath of the rich, the ignorant, and the just plain evil. 13million families are living in poverty with 60% in work, so many of those people have had to rely on food banks just to stay alive.

Thousands of disabled people have died after having their support taken away and have been sanctioned for utterly heartless reasons including having to go to hospital. The NHS is at breaking point, the arts funding has been cut to shreds and homelessness and depression have gone through the roof.

Yet the Conservatives have continued to steal from the poor to line their own pockets by 11%. They have continued to vilify the sick, the poor and the most vulnerable in the country. The bedroom tax has caused untold misery. Students and junior doctors are being taken advantage of. And now it has been revealed that Cameron himself, after giving the public an entirely false spiel about how tax dodging is immoral, has been found to have owned shares in his father's offshore account.

We saw recently the impact the public's voice has had in Iceland where their Prime Minister has recently resigned. The time for the people of Britain to follow was yesterday, but now we have the biggest push of all David Cameron must resign as prime minister now.

We, the British public, call for a resignation of our Prime Minister and his party, and for a general election to be held immediately after his departure from Downing Street.

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