#Children's Rights
House of Representative
United States of America

Dakota was born a healthy child, until the age of four when she contacted Lead Poison from an apartment in which she lived. This was a New York City Housing Authority in which Dakota her siblings and mother resides. Dakota had a fourty-five level of lead poison which was nine times times the level if ever exposed to lead. Due to the negligence of the New York City Housing Authority, if the regulations provided by Housing Urban Development were met Dakota wouldn’t have sustained injury to her health resulting in some brain damage.

I ask that this petition be signed in hopes of ridding all lead from children under the age of six. Manadating that New York City Housing Authority and all other landlords be required to inspect all apartments with children residing under the age of six, regardless if the building or home was built after 1960 and mandate that all healthcare entities test children under the age of six every year.

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