#Roads & Transport
Mayor and Council, Town of Comox

Crossing Anderton Road in Comox is dangerous for pedestrians particularly during peak traffic hours. Offending motorists are often seen being issued illegal passing violations during morning and afternoon commutes near and around Robb Ave where it crosses Anderton Road.

This crossing is of particular concern as it is the main route for elementary students commuting to École Robb Road Elementary.

With escalating traffic volumes it is imperative that a safe and effective pedestrian crossing system be employed.

We, the undersigned, call on Mayor and Council for the Town of Comox to support the installation of pedestrian controlled traffic lights on Anderton Road where it crosses Robb Ave, such as the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon or HAWK system or equivalent.

We furthermore ask Town of Comox Administrator and Staff to escalate the priority of this installation to ensure the protection of our children and all pedestrians.

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