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For whatever reason whistle blowing is frowned upon in the UK – the ‘higher’ up the greasy pole one is the more dangerous it is to whistle blow.

There have been many notorious cases where whistleblowers have been severely punished for their honesty: David Kelly and Margaret Haywood for example.

Something needs to be done to encourage ‘unfortunate truths’ to be made public and to punish those who by action or inaction cover up for others.

Criminalise turning a blind eye to allegations of corruption.

End Corruption!

It appears to be a crime to ignore information about terrorism and not pass it on. Will the Prime Minister have Parliament pass laws so that it is likewise an offence:

a) to ignore whistleblowers without investigation?

b) to ignore wrongdoing by public bodies and public servants?

c) not to pass on such information from whistleblowers if the receiver of such information thinks that they are not able to deal with the situation themselves?

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