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Prescott Park Arts Festival
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Dawn-Marie Pierre touched and changed many lives. Her story is one that should be shared for generations and my idea is a way to make that happen. Even in the changing landscape of Portsmouth we should always remember the ones that left the most lasting impressions. Let's create an event where we can come together with our children and their could as well and keep Dawn-Marie's legacy alive. She was sick a supporter of local youth and community... It's important to hold on to people like her as the backbone to our individual spirit. Let her life beyond all of our years!

Dear Prescott Park Arts Festival. We believe that our friend Dawn-Marie was a unique person and pillar of our community. Someone who spent years among us, supporting us when we felt most fragile, and encouraging us when we felt most unsure. Without her many of us may have given up on being the unique creative people we were in exchange for a simpler path. Dawn-Marie inspired us to be who we wanted to be and to be proud and we believe that this inspiring nature is rare and should be cherished even after the vessel that carries it has expired. Please grant us an annual day of free local music in the height of Summer. A day in your beautiful park, in her name. So that we may celebrate her spirit, educate others, and remember her for the beacon of creativity that she was.

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