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The Neopets.com staff
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Several months ago, neopets.com was forced to change the design of a neopet called Fuzio (nowadays, the Neopet is called Capara), an online poll was held by the neopets staff to determine which of 4 totally new, totally seperate designs should be used as a replacement. Myself and many others believe that, while the choice ultimately made to replace Fuzio was a good one, the first runner up deserves a spot as an actual Neopet as well. This petition will be submitted to the Neopets staff in hopes that the show of support from actual Neopet users will prompt them to officialize this design. If you like this neopet (who we are tentatively calling Maniwori), then please sign this petition.

I, as an active Neopets.com online RPG participant, would like to see the pictured neopet design put into use as an official Neopet. I feel that this design is far too appealing to let fade away and I would definately consider adopting this pet if it were made available.

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