Birmingham City Council
United Kingdom

The whole 10 sq km of Sutton Park is a toilet for dogs. Despite current regulations, you cannot walk more than a few metres without coming across dog faeces.

I stopped going to the park after playing ball with a child. The ball ran into some faeces and so did the child.

Approximately 30% of households in the UK have a dog. So I suggest that 30% of the park should be for everyone, including dogs. The remaining 70% would be off limits to dogs, with regular signs saying No Dogs Past This Point. A heavy fine should be made if dogs are allowed into the dog-free zone.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the idea.

No faeces or urine creating a health risk.
People can walk without looking where they tread.
People can lie down without worrying that a dog will run up to them.
Parents can feel safe that their children will not be attacked by a dog or go blind from toxicariasis.
People can enjoy the peace and quiet of the park instead of endless barking and dog fights.
Dog owners will be in closer proximity to one another, encouraging social interaction.
Dogs will have more dogs to play with, and more poo and bums to sniff.

Dog owners are restricted to 30% of the park (but 100% of the park if they don't take their dog).
Non-dog owners may feel restricted to 70% of the park (but the dog-free area will be much more enjoyable than before)
Birmingham City Council will have to do a better job of regulation and erect signs (but this can be paid for by dog owners allowing their dogs to defecate in their 30% zone and not picking it up).

We the undersigned call on Birmingham City Council to create a dog-free zone in Sutton Park.

The zone should be at least 70% of the park and might be split into several areas, depending on terrain and access.

Severe financial penalties should be applied to dog owners who allow their dogs into the dog-free zone or leave faeces in the dog zone.

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