Cisco High School
United States of America

The Mighty Lobo Band of Cisco, Texas does not have the privelidge of having an actual class period (within school hours) for a Jazz Band class. We are forced to practice after school hours, which is on our own time, for upcoming contests.

There is simply not enough time able to be spent in this manner. Moreover, not all students of the current makeshift jazz band are able to stay at the school in order to practice for the events at all, forcing us to choose possibly two days out of the week for practice. We need an elective class within school hours in which jazz band students can practice altogether.

If we can get a class period during school hours, we can attend contests more confidently, and have a greater chance of placing high against other jazz bands in the region, thus reflecting greatly upon Cisco High School.

We, the students and/or staff of Cisco High School, call upon the Cisco I.S.D. school board to create a period during school hours in which to place a class for Jazz Band.

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