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I believe that it should be ILLEGAL to discriminate solely because of the stigma of the label EX FELON. Ex-Felons are people and would just like to reintegrate back into society and live a honest and upright life with the right to employment without having to check the infamous box which says, " Have you ever been convicted of a felony?" Not all people who are convicted are ANIMALS as portrayed by the justice system; therefore some of us need NOT be categorized and this is why I need the support for a new law for those one to two time offenders who have proven themselves unlike the rest.

Please tell me why there is no JUSTICE for ex-felons whom may have been convicted of at least one crime and have payed there debt to society and lived a honest and upright life, with sobriety and peace? Why aren't there any AVENUES?


I believe that if a person made a mistake within their life and has not only paid the consequences, but learned from the demeanor which got them in the position they were in, they should be restored ALL their civil rights and citizenship WITHOUT and clauses. Let me add this very significant point, I am not in support of those career criminals or revolving doors and I trully feel that one-time offenders SHOULD NOT be categorized with those types of offenders, just as Politicians, Celebrities and Athletes aren't being categorized as felons!

"...I feel as though I've been diagnosed with an untreatable contagious disease for which I MUST BE Quarantined..." written by J.D. Christie

My supporters and I challenge The State of California legislatures and the U.S. Congress for a new law which would suggest that upon discharge the ex-felon must maintain a three year stable residency without any run-ins with the law after which another two years would suffice to petition for a 1203.4 (Certificate of Rehabilitation), and upon receipt of the Certificate, the said must comply with all laws for an additional two years, having not violated at ANY time, after which the state should indeed deem the ex-felon rehabilitated therefore allowing ALL rights restored, without any penal code stipulations, nor State Legal Barriers.

The heart of the matter is to reform the CORI system http://www.mlri.org/uploads/aF/ic/aFicW5dhy9GLEv1Dlg6sRw/CORIReader-3d-Ed-2d-Rev.pdf
therefore, we also ask that the State of California adopt legislation as follows:



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