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The West Milford Midget Football Association is fighting for it's life. They are in desperate need of a 50x100yd. Football field in the next 18 months or could be facing expulsion from the New Jersey Youth Football League ( NJYFL).

My overall goal& intention as a parent with Children in this program, does not just benefit one association, but benefits Youth Sports across the Township including; Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, and all other outdoor sports, by uniting us in one centralized complex. It will also benefit those not involved in Youth Sports by providing another means to be outdoors in a safe and Child-Friendly Area of our Town.

We are asking for your Support and the support of the Residents in Surrounding towns to help levy our Political Leaders, and have the 800+ acres of the abandoned Jungle Habitat Complex Converted along with other open space to help benefit the Children of West Milford Twp., with Recreational Fields, Parks, Walking Tracks, Bike Tracks, Restroom areas and Concessions areas for Sporting events.

We need a significant number of signatures to make this work so please forward this to anyone willing to show their support!

We are petitioning the State of NJ and its legislatures to take Open Space and specifically the 800+ acre abandoned Jungle Habitat Complex and convert it into useable Recreational Fields, Parks, Walking Tracks, Bike Tracks, Restroom areas and Concessions areas, for use by the Residents and Children of the Township of West Milford, the Private and Public Sports Organizations, and the Children of the State of New Jersey.

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