#Neighborhood Living
West Providence Township Supervisors
United States of America

We, the undersigned, petition the supervisors of West Providence Township to condemn and have removed the house located at Hollar's Extension in West Providence Township in the town of Everett, PA.

This house was in a fire many years ago. No one has lived in it since that time. The owners purchased a mobile home and placed it on the property next to this burned out house. The house has been deteriorating since it burned. It now has broken windows, a front porch that is ready to cave in, and a roof that is rotting away.

This house is not only a nuisance, it is a hazard. Roofing is ready to fall off which could hurt an individual or damage others' property. The broken windows could entice individuals to try to enter the house and they could be injured. This house also attracts rodents and stray animals that can cause problems to other individuals living in the neighborhood.

This house hurts property values in the neighborhood. Many in the neighborhood have done improvements to their homes, only to learn that the property value has to be decreased because of this house. The tax value, however, remains the same on these properties. This devaluation is not fair to the rest of the individuals that live in this neighborhood.

We, the undersigned, call on the supervisors of West Providence Township in the city of Everett, PA in the county of Bedford, in the state of Pennsylvania to condemn this house and, therefore, have the owners of this house to have it torn down and removed from the property.

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