Town of Babylon
United States of America

We are in agreement with the town of Babylon that the American Venice is one of the most unique residential communities in Long Island, which is one of the reasons we the homeowners were drawn to this waterfront community.

However our main concern is the flood situation that we are all affected by every time the moon is out or we have north east wind. The tide water comes up from the sewers, under ground and over the bulk heads.

These floods keep mailman from coming in. We have to walk through wading water to get in front doors, or in cars. Most of the time we have to park cars three blocks away because you can’t drive through. Crawl spaces are full of water all the time, which create a health hazard and our lawns are inundated so bad you can’t even let your animal out or enjoy your back yards. Garbage cans float, and some of our neighbors are having trouble selling, because of high insurance cost.

When the weather prediction is “possible flooding conditions” Sleepless nights are spent, making sure your vehicles are not under water, or worst going out in the middle of the night in twenty degree weather because water came up so high that everyone got caught off guard and have to start emptying out their garages and move their cars.

Would we prefer to have a park and a Historical Preservation or Preserve our community?

We, the undersigned, call on the Town of Babylon, Town Board & Town Historic Preservation Commission to take steps to preserve our community from excessive flooding.

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