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Pet owners, puppy mills YOU

With all the Animals that have been abandoned, neglected, abused in the past it is time for people who truly care about them to help put a stop to Puppy mills and irresponsible owners who don’t fix there pets. It's not a small issues anymore, there are a lot of cruel people out there that have these poor animals locked up in feces’ infested little cages for the purpose of breeding these animals for money.

There is no justice for these animals that have to go through this with no medical attention or comfort through the pregnancy, they not only get breed for all the wrong reasons but they are getting breed as much as they can which can not only cause problems with the new puppies arriving but the animals going through the pregnancy is loosing every bit of life each time. These animals need your help, not next week but now.

There is an over abundance of baby animals being given away because the lack of responsible owners who don’t get there pets spayed or neutered. These people need to get stopped to. Please see my Facebook Page for more details

I am asking of the government to pass a law stating that you MUST obtain a breeders license in order to breed and sell animals for profit in our Provence/county.

Any other Baby Animal being sold or given away WITHOUT the breeders license will be given a fine with ALL proceeds going to “No Kill animal shelters and registered animal rescues”.

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