#Residential Disputes
Rosslee Estate Agents
South Africa

We have on numerous occassions complained about our main gate either getting stuck or not working at all but for years the problem still has not been rectified.

We have been getting complaints about our cars or motorbikes being started up in the mornings before going to work by the residents at Unit 21. None of the other residents mind as they all work. We would like these unlawful complaints to stop. There have also been complaints of the children playing outside.

During the week the children are in there homes before 10:00pm and yet the residents at Unit 21 still complain and shout at the children. We have had instances where they have repremanded the children in a drunken state and many of the residents have witnessed it.

In clause 11.7 in the "Rosslee Agreement of Lease" it clearly states that "you may not cause or commit any nuisance of the property or cause any annoyance or discomfort to other tenants or occupiers of the building." These tenants are continuously inspecting our homes from outside our windows and causing 'discomfort' to the tenants and their children. The tenants are up in arms about the current situation as we all get along and have no complaints about starting our cars in the morning or at any other times.

At the moment most car owners and children are living in fear of the tenants at Unit 21 due to their unfair treatment and constant complaints.

We, the undersigned, call on Rosslee Estate Agents to act on our complaints and suggestions. We feel we are treated unfairly and our requests to fix certain maintenance problems are not met. The main gate especially needs to be met for security reasons and it is our main means for entering and exiting the complex.

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