#Honoring the Vietnam dead
United States Armed Forces
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I recently visited the Vietnam War Memorial. I was able to identify a number of those who I served with in Vietnam from January 69 through April of 69. In those months of engagement, our Company killed a dozen or more confirmed enemy, and found blood trails that indicated many others were out of action.

Recently I have been studying Vietnam battles; and came across a number of battles that just stand out as real blood letting. I would like to ask the military that on the Vietnam War memorial they indicate by color scheme, those names on the memorial, who died in great show or arms like La Drang Valley, Ke San, and Hamburger Hill, along with all other engagements, which are around a dozen; the areas where they were killed. Example; La Drang Valley would have all those killed in that battle with their names in a color. While all those who died in another area of Vietnam in another color scheme.

The cost of this is un-estimated, but the knowledge of it could honor those who were put through the honor of passing through enemy fire.

We, the undersigned, petition to color scheme the Vietnam memorial to indicate the battles and battle insignia of the names on that wall, their ranks, Division they fought with, and areas where they were killed, or battles they were killed in.

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