#Children's Rights
Coronado High School Administrators and Lubbock Independent School Board
United States of America

At the beginning of the 2006-2007 school year, Lubbock implemented a district wide campus restructuring. This restructuring moved our 6th grade students from elementary to the Junior High and our 9th grade students to the High Schools.

Coronado High School offers the open campus concept lunch to all grade levels including the new freshmen class. This is open campus lunch concept has caused issues with our young children and has exposed them to many things that threaten their safety. They are loitering at business in the vicinity of the high school. They are meeting up with people that are not students of Coronado. Many of these people are over the age of 18, selling drugs to these students as well as influencing their behavior.

As parents, we are responsible for the protection of our children and must take every opportunity available to do this. Coronado closing the campus to the freshmen class at lunch is one way we can insure the safety of our children.

By signing this petition, you are agreeing that Coronado should close their campus to the freshmen lunches.

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