#Human Rights
Australian government

The gender gap in Australia unfortunately is getting worse in NSW men are earning 20% more then women who are working full time with same or more qualifications.

It should be a basic right to earn equal amount of money but due to the discrimination that our society seems to still hold against women we are falling behind i believe a act should be enforced for New South Wales allowing women to receive equal pay and rights for the same work and should not be discriminated against just because of there gender instead awarded for there hard work and input into our workforce.

We as women and men should call on to the Australian government to provide equal pay in our workforce.

I ask you to sign this petition in the hope that at least in New South Wales an Act can be put in place allowing women to access equal pay and become more influential in our workforce. This can lead to more jobs a stronger economy and encourage women to follow their career goals without discrimination and with knowing they have equal opportunities.

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