City OF Dallas and Tarrant District Attorneys
United States of America

This Promoter has come out of Austin texas into Fort worth Texas and is currently renting out the venue Avalon. He only host TEEN nights at clubs with promoters and more that are above age.

Kids are taking drugs left and right. Sex in the bathrooms and on the dance floor and the venue does nothing about it.

We understand that we can not stop all clubs from opening or that we should prevent it. But when a Venue is hosting a night that is harmful to those attending and staff refuses to change things its time to take action.

Club So-ho also known as the Project-x at club Avalon needs to go. This is a call of action. We need signatures to get the city to pay attention to this horrible issue.

Let's get the teens back home where they are safe from Pedophiles. If this was your child or brother or sister would you not be disgusted.

We need the city to close the venue and help keep kids from becoming drug addicts please help and sign this so the city will finally listen and see whats really going on.

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