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I started this petition to raise the attention from government and law makers. In the recent years our High Streets have become overflowing with the number of betting shops.

Not only that they have the permission to also be opened near pubs, children's playground, schools and other public places. Ladbrokes is one of the leading betting shops in the UK with at least one shop opened on every High Street in the UK.

Why is it that the government gives itself a permission to open a betting shop near a children's playground or a s school? It should clearly raise number of concerns here. I live in East London, Newham, Little Ilford. With no underground station, neither any High Street near by, but the area has a Ladbrokes opened right opposite the pub, right behind the betting shop a playground and a groceries shop and post office next door to it. This is absolutely immoral to me.

I am concerned with the number of drug and alcohol addicts hanging around outside the shop daily. With the youth around them. Awful.

Please sign this petition so we can fight the rights that our kids deserve. Let's fight for a better and safer neighbourhood together.

The local communities are calling on the government to take actions against betting shops.

Our neighbourhoods urgently require help and immediate action to close betting shops for better and safer neighbourhoods. This will help reduce negative social behaviour, drug dealing and other bad influences on our children.

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