#Law Reform
10 Downing Street - Prime Minister
United Kingdom

We are ever delving in to peoples personal lives, with data being stored in all kinds of physical and digital states; in an ever expanding list of places e.g. cyberspace, police, local authorities, banks, mobile phones.

But much of this stored data is an infringement of our right to a 'Private and Family Life' as indicated in the Human Rights Act.

Now as a parent I consider the 'Law' and the associated powers to be a stringent and essential part of our lives in dealing with crime and potential acts of crime. However a 'Police Caution' is not a 'Sentence' or 'Conviction' and thus should not be allowed to remain on Police records as it is not a 'Spent Crime'. But the retention of this 'Caution' can be pretty damning, similarly as points on our drivers licence has the same effect. But even those points are removed once the offence has been 'Spent'. So why is it then that the law permits a 'Caution' to remain for 99-100 years on police records?

A 'Police Caution' is just that - a 'Caution' and not a conviction, therefore it should not remain indefinitely but serve as a deterrent for a prescribed amount of time e.g. four years.

We the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister to clearly categorise a 'Police Caution' and prescribe a time limit which resembles the 'Verbal Warning', as a rough rule of thumb - 4 Years.

On completion the 'Caution' and associated information be removed from Police databases.

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