Paw Paw Township Offices
United States of America

May 8, 2006

For two years we have asked the township to enforce the blight ordinance on Lake Brownwoods Northeast side.

They have sent a few letters requesting clean up of the Richard Lula property, but have not followed through, also the shacks that are falling down on Michigan Avenue and should be condemned are still there.

We the people of Paw Paw township are demanding that the ordinances of the township regarding blight be enforced. We demand the property owner at 37314 Texas Avenue, in Paw Paw township be forces to clean up the junk vehicles, the mobile home sitting in his back yard, the old appliances, and the stacks of building materials scattered over the property. The ordinances that are being violated are under Anti-Blight Section 300 of our township ordinaces.

This property owner is in violation of every part of Section 300.2 and he continues to ignor the Township's warnings and they in turn ignor the fact that he will not comply. We are demanding that he clean up the property or that if he refuses the township takes the responsibility to hire the clean up and put a lean against the property to compensate the township. We also have concerns with several shacks on Michigan Avenue that are falling down and not boarded up allowing children in the neighborhood places to explore.

We are demanding that they be torn down or improved. I have made these request to the township several times and been ignored so I am asking you to sign this petition to improve our area and show the township that our rights will not be ignored any longer.

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