November 22, 2005

This petition is being presented before you to promote the idea that you and your team should not scrim 7o5. The amount of problems regarding this Invite caliber team are extensive. Furthermore, we feel under no circumstances should you pub with them or ring for them.

Moreover, in light of recent events, delicate actions have to be taken when playing a match against them. Whether or not you play to win against this team is up to you, but we make the assertion that the matches should only be played under duress.

This petition was manifested in an effort to spread the awareness to boycott a team that has become detrimental to the AA community. I will save the specific cases and circumstances, but believe me when I write that it is earnest.

Let's do something good for this community and help clean it up by boycotting a truly sinister organization!

I support the proposition to boycott the scrimming and generally playing with, or against, team 7o5, consecutively. I solemnly swear to make a dilligent effort to clean up the AA community by upholding my promise to the best of my willpower.

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The Clean Up The AA Community! petition to www.teamwarfare.com was written by David Crumrine and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.