Dudley Council
United Kingdom

Leasowes Park is a lovely place to take the kids, walk the dog or just generally relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Unfortunately on most occasions in these peaceful surroundings I'm finding many unsightly sights in the form of little black bags full of dog poo. I don't get it myself, people go through the effort of picking it up in the black bag, but are then discarding it in the nearest bush or hanging it from a gate, tree or nearest thing. I'm sorry but that is disgusting.

We are petitioning for more red dog waste bins around the park and notices saying that people will be prosecuted if caught littering the park like this or in any form. This is their park, the place where they walk their dog, but yet they treat it with total disregard and disrespect.

I want to take my little boy for a walk around the park with out the worry that he will pick up one of these bags and start messing with it!

We the undersigned call on Dudley Council to put measures in place to clean up Leasowes Park, including adding more red dog waste bins and prosecution signs for people littering or not cleaning up after their pets!

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