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Oxford, MS. A prominent college town. Need I say more?

Well if so, here I go.

Game day weekends are EXTREMELY important to any Rebel. Last year for the Alabama vs Ole Miss games, 62,657 people attended the game in the stadium. That's not including all the people who are only in the Grove having a good time. Just imagine if all those people went to eat at a restaurant on Sunday. With alcohol sales on Sunday's, those family owned businesses would be able to make over their usual profit. Oxford Tourism Council President Jim McCauley asked the Mayor and Aldermen to consider letting the community vote.

The community backs the idea of 7 day sales, just look at the website links and read what all has been said so far.

I encourage everyone to sign this petition. The allowance of 7 day alcohol sales would provide the city with more money. So why wouldn't a 7 day alcohol sale be allowed?

Any REBEL would want this for our small town.

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