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Chosen Jacobs, and Obama

Chosen Jacob and Soulja Boy are both some of the most talented people to ever grace this planet, it is only right and just that Chosen cover such an iconic song. These are all the facts and simultaneously all of the support required for you to sign this petition, so please, help us get a Kiss Me Thru The Phone cover. I love Chosen Jacobs with all my heart and the world needs this cover so please sign this.

Soulja Boy and Chosen Jacob lovers alike call upon you to sign this petition so we may submit it and hopefully receive a cover of Kiss Me Thru The Phone. I’m aware of how redundant this is getting. Please just sign it.

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The Chosen Jacob To Do a Cover of Kiss Me Thru The Phone by Soulja Boy petition to Chosen Jacobs, and Obama was written by Lana Malik and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.