#City & Town Planning
Dewey/Humboldt Planning and Zoning Commission
United States of America

June 8, 2006

We, the undersigned, agree that the lack of childcare in the Dewey/Humboldt Arizona community is of great concern.

Families desiring to utilize childcare services must drive 25+ minutes to towns outside the community. In recognizing uprising gas prices, this places an unwelcome burden on many single parent families. Due to lack of commercial properties available, currently there are no options for placing a childcare facility in the Dewey/Humboldt town.

LadyBug Child Care Center would like to rezone 1851 E Prescott Dells Road, to a Residential Service Zone, which would allow for a small child care center to be placed in a residential home. This home is positioned in an area with little housing and many vacant lots. Only two surrounding homes are inhabited. The Zoning Commission has the ability to remove this critical burden by simply rezoning this property.

Not only would this offer childcare to the town of Dewey/Humboldt, but also the towns of Mayer and Cherry, which currently lack in childcare services as well. Please help us lift this burden to so many families.

Though this sounds like a relatively small request to support, many families are affected by this small petition. Your signatures and support are greatly appreciated.

Lack of childcare in the Dewey/Humboldt Arizona community is of great concern. Please support the many families needing childcare services at this time.

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