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Our groups, the Universal law of Economic Observation, etc. are about combining the economic and military histories of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Americas or West into a new scientific perspective involving the marketing warfare strategies and tactics of global markets, through the simultaneous implementation of the genetic and molecular sciences to immediately begin the processes of creating over 9.7 million new tech jobs.

This process is best defined @ http://www.molaah.com/Universal%20Market%20Forces.html, http://www.molaah.com/Autonomous%20Economic%20Procedural%20Guidelines.doc and http://www.molaah.com/The%20Kamasutra%20Game%20Theorems%20Page.html

We are representatives of a new and innovative corporation that utilizes genetic and molecular sciences as a means of converting words, concepts or ideas into search engine or business modeling technologies and new global markets.

The format in and of itself shall facilitate the firms of patent or copyright attorneys with the ability to acquire over 3,927 additional revenue streams, while also protecting the propriety rights of their clients both previous and current, as their material or new inventions are expressed through Internet technology bases.

Therefore, "We, the undersigned, call on the general populous to eliminate the influences of joblessness and poverty."

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