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Those of us who so choose to be involved in our local city government should be afforded the right to do so. As business owners we pay city taxes, we support our schools and our local police, fire and emergency personnel.

The right to vote should be ours, we made a large investment in this city when we opened our business here and we hire a lot of it's workers. We should have the right to vote on the things that matter to our business as well.

The changes or the non changes that are made effect whether or not we stay or we relocate. The people who make the decisions for the city make the decisions with our future at stake as well. We should have our say in the progress and the direction that Pryor embarks on.

We the people of Pryor Creek, Mayes County, Oklahoma ask for the ballot to include the right for the citizens of Pryor Creek to vote on the question of changing our city charter to include the right of Pryor school district voters to vote. We ask that this include the following:

Any resident who lives within the Pryor school district and has a business located inside Pryor city limits will be allowed to vote in city elections and hold city offices for which they would qualify.

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