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People of the World

George W. Bush has got to be the worst president in US History for the terror that he has brought into this world instead of peace efforts that the US has been following for so long.

Some examples:
1. War in Afghanistan
2. War in Iraq
3. Confrontation with Iran
4. Unsuccessful in Capturing Osama Bin Laden
5. Increasing troops and funding for a lost war
6. Damaging the US Economy
7. Supporting Wolfgang Wolfowitz - the ex-President of the World Bank
8. Torture of Prisoners at Abu Ghraib
9. Civil War in Iraq
10. Guatanamo Bay.

Furthermore, he now goes on to say that a military retreat could trigger the kind of upheaval seen after US forces left Vietnam. The decision to invade Iraq has been one of the worst blunders in history where thousands of civilians have died because of America's President's interest in the oil.

We, the undersigned, call on the People of the World to 'label' George W. Bush the WORST President in US History and Charge Him for Crimes Against Humanity

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