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A couple of weeks ago, Edraline and Sanny Enriquez were made aware of some issues their eldest son had in school with behavior through his school notebook. Edraline, asked her son about the situation and asked him not to do this again as she would give him a telling off. Her son promised not to misbehave again and Edraline wrote a note back to the School on the notebook apologising.

On 22nd October 2014, they picked up their children and as a family made their way home. In the car the children were their usual chatty selves and her eldest was very excited about starting book club the next day. The family got home and preparations were made for food. A social worker called at their home and Edraline was accused of hurting her eldest. Edraline strongly denies this. She was barely given any information as to how this situation came about and calling the school for more details, did not clarify matters fully. The parents were not allowed to speak with their children. The social worker did and when she came back she said her eldest was afraid of Edraline. The social worker told the parents they would be taking the children away. The children were taken to a relative, and the couple were not allowed to make any contact with them. The relative was made to agree to the restrictions. She and Sanny were not told what or why precisely this was happening and what would be happening over the following days. This was the last time they saw their children.

The following day a family friend went to pick up the couples' children from school but the children were not there. The friend thought they were with the couple and contacted them to check. The children were not. They appeared to have been taken by Social Services and the couple did not know where they were. They did not know what to do and went home, their minds traumatised. They then got a call from Social Services and were told they were coming to see them.

Social services arrived with police. They said the children were no longer safe with them or relatives. They accused the couple of not respecting the restriction and going to see the children the previous night. The couple deny this as they would have respected the instructions given to them. They were given only two options, for the children to stay with foster parents or at a foster home. The parents begged to have them returned or with family or with friends, but they were pressured to choose one of the options.

On 24th October, the parents were visited by a social worker and made to feel intimidated into signing the children into care or going to Court immediately. Edraline asked for time to speak to a solicitor to get advice but she was pressured into making a decision without the opportunity to seek legal advice in the fragile mental state she was in.

The parents have now taken legal advice and will be embarking on the journey to getting their children back as soon as possible and clearing their names from the hurtful allegations made against them. This petition aims to gather character references from family and friends for Endraline and Sanny to show Social Services that they are responsible, caring, loving and hardworking parents, who would not harm their children as alleged.

We, the undersigned, express our sincerest support for Edraline and Sanny Enriquez to have their two children returned to them by Social Services as soon as possible or at least placed with family or friends to ensure their well being until legal proceedings have concluded. The children appear to have been taken from them without a transparent investigation and hurtful questions have been raised about their adequacy as parents.

This sensitive situation appears to have been handled poorly by failing to give the parents full and adequate information to understand the process or to seek formal legal advice before being pressured into making decisions.

We express our willingness to provide character references for both parents, whom we believe are responsible, caring, loving and hardworking parents. They would not harm their children as alleged.

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